Model name WSF / WSH
Brand Primultini



Chipping canter, which can be combined to a new or an existing log band saw, eliminates the first slab by producing quality chips while sawing the first board.
The result is increased production, up to 4 saw cuts less on every log, and lower costs by eliminating slabs handling.

Technical data

Cutter outside diameter 1100 mm
Max. height of milling 700 mm
Max. thickness of removal 150 mm
Cutter carriage travel 900 mm 800 mm
Number of knives 3 – 4 – 6 pcs 4 – 6 pcs
Main engine power 55 – 75 – 90 – 110 kW 200 kW
Weight 5100 kg 6500 kg


Heavy and robust construction to avoid vibrations during cutting
Sliding guides with ball runners
Positioning by recirculating ball screw with brushless motor in position enslavement with parking brake
Quick assembly and easily replaceable knives
Circular toothed sectors for a better surface finish

Instructional materials and drawings

Technical specifications

Product description

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