Model name CFM
Brand Primultini


  • Log gripping by hydraulic cylinders with 2 selectable closing pressures.
  • Sliding of vises on flat slides, made with interchangeable wear elements.
  • Automatic positioning of the vices through programmable electronic divider.
  • Log turner incorporated in the slides of each vice with hydraulic lifting with arm inclination up to 90 degrees and rotation via hydraulic motor.
  • Centralized and automated lubrication system.
  • Simultaneous movement of the vices through a single brushless motor, with high precision gears and racks and backlash recovery.

Technical data


CFM variations
Version with movable pads A=1.200 mm
Version with movable hooks A=1.160 mm
Hook ejection 20-60-110-150 mm
Speed of headblock displacement 500 mm/s
Speed of hydrostatic feed (IEC)
10 ÷ 140 m/min
Tractive force of hydrostatic feed (IEC) 11.770 N
Weight 10.100 Kg
(IEC) – Standard published by and according to International Electrotechnical Commission


Instructional materials and drawings

Technical specifications

Product description

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