In addition to sales, we also offer aftercare services to our customers.

Regular inspection and maintenance are essential for the day-to-day operation of equipment. Timely maintenance of equipment significantly reduces the number of breakdowns and ensures a smoother production process. MTG Estonia’s professional team offers support throughout the entire lifetime of the purchased equipment.

Professional project management and preparation of an action plan play an important role in the planning of any production unit or the relocation of equipment. In the case of the dismantling of lines or equipment, it is important that the work be documented, to ensure the later use of the device. The MTG Estonia team helps implement various projects and prepares the necessary documentation.

In some cases, the optimal solution is to renovate an old piece of equipment instead of buying a new one. We extend the life of the equipment to a significant extent. We perform an analysis of the equipment and replace or repair defective parts and also provide a warranty.


We prepare evaluation documents for both complete lines and individual devices. The target group is companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, state institutions and local governments.


Extending the life of your dated equipment. We inspect and carry out partial or full renovation of the equipment. We offer a refurbishment service for all the equipment we represent.

Disassembly and assembly of lines

We carry out the dismantling or installation of wood industry equipment. All services are offered as a customer-based solution, considering specifics of the object.

Repair & maintenance

We take care of your equipment, ensuring long life, top performance and safety. We offer inspection and replacement of important assemblies with testing. We advise and create optimal equipment maintenance routines.

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