Model name 1300 SGF / 1400 SHF
Brand Primultini



Supporting structure completely in cast iron with solid cast disc flywheels.
Column with upper flywheel support mounted on recirculating ball guides and slides which allow for a very rapid and sensitive reaction to blade tension variations.
Blade guide equipped with hydraulically operated blade pusher. In the cutting phase the blade is pushed out, in the return phase it automatically retracts.
Blade guide, blade tensioner, blade guard and braking device operated by hydraulic cylinders.
The machine is completely closed making all dangerous parts inaccessible. A push-button panel with mode selector allows the blade to be adjusted with the guards closed. A limit switch with magnetic block prevents the opening of the guards while the blade is moving.

Technical data

1300SFG 1400SHF
Flywheel diameter 1300 mm 1400 mm
Flywheel face width 165 mm 190 mm
Blade dimension 180 x 1.38 / 1.47 mm 206 x 1.47 / 1.65 mm
Blade length min./max 9480 / 9990 mm 9990 / 10400 mm
Main motor power 55 / 75 kW 75 / 90 / 110 kW
Weight 5100 kg 5500 kg


M S/H 1300SFG 1400SHF
A S 1020 mm 1020 mm
H 1230 mm 1230 mm
B 565 mm 615 mm
C 1790 mm 1850 mm
D S 3400 mm 3550 mm
H 3620 mm 3770 mm
S – Standard H – High

Instructional materials and drawings

Technical specifications

Product description

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