Model name MHS9
Brand Stenner



Stenner, a multi-head horizontal resaw from the English manufacturer with many years of experience. Saw bands can also be used individually and make different cutting patterns. It is possible to order with various accessories that make setting up and monitoring the saw’s work convenient.

A good choice if you need to cut material thinly, for example garden slips. Including, it is well suited for precise cutting of hard wood. The possibility of tilting the saw band during cutting up to 12° (degrees).

Reliable, compact and durable. The work speed can be changed from 15-60m/min, it is possible to add up to 7.5-30m/min. Easy to set up and maintain. Ensures sufficient accuracy for your next machining processes.



Technical data

MHS 9 MHS 10 MHS 12
Bandsaw blade (recommended thickness) 1,0 mm /19 g (max)

0,8 mm /21 g (min)

1,2 mm /18 g (max)

1,1 mm /19 g (min)

1,2 mm /18 g (min)
Bandsaw blade width (max) 100 mm 130 mm 150 mm
Pulley diameter Ø915 mm Ø1050 mm Ø1220 mm
Timber width (max) 305 – 450 mm 305 – 650 mm
Opening, saw to slat chain bed 305 mm
Feed chains to saw line 292 mm 305 mm
Feed speed 15 – 60 m/min (std)

7,5 – 30 m/min (opt)

10 – 45 m/min (opt)

15 – 60 m/min (std)

7,5 – 30 m/min (opt)

Main motor 18 kW (std)

22 kW (opt)

30 kW (std)

37 kW (opt)

45 kW (std)
Cleaner fluid, capacity 5 L
Working (chain bed) hight 800 mm 900 mm
Height (doors closed) 2.700 mm 2.900 mm 3.200 mm
Width (doors open) 3.290 mm 4.120 mm 5.000 mm
Length 2.600 mm or 5.200 mm

(first saw unit)

1.200 mm (each additional unit)
Weight (approx net/head) 2.200 kg excl. tracks 3.750 kg excl. tracks 4.750 kg excl. tracks
Saw speed (std) 35 m/sek 40 m/sek
Pneumatic supply required YES


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