Model name Randek BautTech AB Panel production line
Brand Randek BauTech AB
Condition Second-hand maschine


Randek BauTech AB

Price 95000.00 EUR EXW.

Technical data

The maximum possible wall-producing length is 12000mm, and the width ranges from 2100 to 3100mm. It is made up of the framing machine, the nailing bridge 1 and nailing bridge 2 portal, butterfly turning tables, and workstations, as well as various types of building element movement conveyors.


Production year:



Table working length 12000 mm
Max. width of panels 3100 mm
Min. width of panels 2100 mm

Including in:

Pos.1 Nailing bridge x 2 pcs

Pos.2 Framing table x 1 pcs

Pos.3 Butterfly table (panel turn-around table) x1 set

Instructional materials and drawings

Technical drawings

Randek line layout

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