Model name Q-805
Brand Paul



For the manual ripping of boards.

  • Perfectly suitable for dried hardwoods
  • Combination of feed rollers and chain bed for most accurate workpiece guidance
  • Saw shaft rotating against the feed or with the feed depending on requirements
  • Convenient MaxiRip CNC control
  • Cutting edges of glue-line quality
  • Compact design

Technical data

Cutting height 15 – 50 mm
Opening width max. 750 mm
Min. workpiece length 500 mm
Driving power 15 – 90 kW
Max. feed speed1) 83 m/min
Max. number of powered feed rollers 18
Speed of saw shaft 4500 U/min
Sound pressure level2) at no load/in operation 72/77 dB(A)
Sound power level3) at no load/in operation 93/96 dB(A)
Max. saw blade diameter 250 mm
Max. number of movable saw bushes 4
L 1700 mm
W4) 1700 mm
H (with motor max.) 1320 (2550) mm
Working height 800 mm
Weight5) 3000 kg

1) with manual workpiece removal max. 35 m/min

2) at the workplace, depending on tool and cutting parameters

3) depending on tool and cutting parameters

4) with moving saw blades

5) without motor or anti-kickback device, inc. four movable saw bushes

Instructional materials and drawings

Technical specifications

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