Model name Stratoplan S200 / S500
Brand Ledinek



The STRATOPLAN S200 / S500 is a serious machine, not an all-rounder but a concentrated product of all our innovations and experience essential for reduction of costs, labor and materials in a highly productive industrial environment.

This heavy duty planer is developed specifically for rugged use in planing and sawmills and is most suitable for processing of planed lumber, lamella and splitting. Everything is focused on providing a robust and reliable planer that can cater to the growing demands for optimization of resources.

Technical data

S250 S350 S500
Working width [mm] 60 – 310
Working thickness [mm] 25 – 125
Working length [mm] min. 1.800
Table height [mm] 1.100
Feeding speed [m/min] 50 – 250 70 – 350 100 – 500
Horizontal shafts [∅, mm] ∅ 300
Vertical cutter heads [∅, mm] ∅ 200 – 300
Saw [∅, mm] ∅180 – 280 (top), ∅180 – 350 (bottom)
Spindle [∅, mm] ∅80
Tooling length of spindles [mm] 135 (vertical), 165 (saw)
Spindle [rpm] 3.000 3.000 3.000 – 4.500



Motor power [kW] S250 S350 S500
Top shaft 45 75 110
Bottom shaft 45 75 90
Right vertical spindle 30 30 55
Left vertical spindle 30 30 55
Top saw spindle 45 55 55
Bottom saw spindle 45 55 90
Feeding power 58 79 115


Instructional materials and drawings

Active assisted floating of vertical spindles

Included on all Stratoplan VA type planers (can not be combined with other types) is the active assisted floating of vertical spindles. Every board is independently scanned as it approaches the planing units. In real-time an original LEDINEK software calculates the movement of vertical units which follows the curve of the boards.

Depending on excess width, the optimization software distributes the cutoff between both sides, thereby allowing deviations to straighten the boards. Result is an exact calibration without excessive cutoff in all conditions.

Combined effects of thickness-thickness planing and active assisted floating provide unparalleled material saving effects, which can not be achieved on any other planer.

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