Model name X-press
Brand Ledinek



Cross laminated timber press

The X-PRESS is a powerful and effective system for production of cross laminated timber (CLT, XLam) manufacturing process. It is the 3rd generation of CLT presses.

XPRESS is a guarantee for accuracy, high performance and top quality products. Prefabricated wooden walls, roofs, complete houses.

Technical data

Length of panel 5.000 – 18.050 mm
Width of panel 2.450 – 3.500 mm
Thickness of panel 60 – 360 mm
Surface pressure up to 2 * 0,8 – 1 N/mm2
Year capacity of the line 5.000 – 150.000 m3

Instructional materials and drawings

Technical specifications

X-PRESS product brochure

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